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Diving the King Cruiser Wreck

The King Cruiser was originally an 85 meter passenger ferry from Phuket to Phi Phi. On the 4th May 1997 the King Cruiser strayed off course and hit Anemone Reef. The ship sunk in less than one hour with all passengers making it safely off.

Years later the King Cruiser wreck provides the Phuket diving community with a great wreck with a huge amount of marine life to investigate.

Check out huge schools of lion fish, rare nudibranch’s and the odd turtle. The wreck it self is very interesting but unfortunately is collapsing each year, making it not safe to go inside.

During the monsoon months in the last 2 years, the top and passenger decks collapsed and created a “wreckage” out of our Wreck!

A resident turtle has moved in and live underneath the wreckage, and school of rabbit fish, travellies, and snappers are among its neighbors. Also found here are larger in size porcupine fish, common lionfish, and scorpion fish blending into the hul.

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King Cruiser Wreck diving facts:

  • Location: 26km from Phuket Island
  • Site Depth: 35 meters
  • Site Visibility: 10 – 20 Meters
  • Currents: Mild to Moderate
  • Difficulty Rating: Intermediate diving

Experience the Adventure of Diving the Majestic King Cruiser Wreck in Beautiful Phuket.

Dive into an unforgettable underwater adventure as you explore the magnificent King Cruiser Wreck in the stunning waters of Phuket. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey that will leave you in awe of the mesmerizing marine life and the rich history that surrounds this iconic wreck.

The King Cruiser Wreck, located off the coast of Phuket, is a captivating dive site that offers divers a unique opportunity to witness the beauty of a sunken passenger ferry. This impressive wreck, now an artificial reef, serves as a home to a diverse range of marine species and offers a truly spectacular diving experience.

Descend into the depths of the crystal-clear waters and be greeted by a